Friday, April 25, 2014


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ORANJESTAD – Tourists that come to our island, without a doubt like to have fun, and that includes being entertained at the casinos. Hyatt...

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Interior designer Reyhaneh Jabbari killed Moreteza Abdolai Sarbandi after Jabbari was called to do some for work and was allegedly assaulted by Sarbandi. Now his 26-year-old son, who has the power to grant clemency, says he will only do so if she exposes her ‘true intentions’ and reveals who he says was the second man present at the scene.



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Recently, the Chamber of Commerce conducted its Business Event for 2014. The focus was a poll by Professor Michiel de Vries on what the Aruban merchants thinks about the current business environment and the impact of the government’s management on this issue.


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Montreal (AFP) - BlackBerry reported fresh losses Friday but offered some reasons for optimism as the smartphone maker struggles to escape from a death...