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Carnival Village to contribute to San Nicolas as second tourism capital

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Last Friday, the government of Aruba unveiled the project for the Carnival Village in San Nicolaas. They expect this to become an important attraction for tourism and will initiate a new era for San Nicolaas.
The government of Aruba has big plans for the evolution of San Nicolaas, making it a tourism attraction so as to revitalize its economic life. The government considers the future of San Nicolaas very prominent. Several important projects have already been undertaken, for example: the reconstruction of the Water Tower, new roads, and a Community Museum, etc.
Carnival Village and the Carnival Museum will create a new attraction not only for tourists but also for the people who are enchanted with Aruba’s Carnival.
With the beginning of a new era, soon San Nicolaas will have a Carubbian Street, where the Carnival Village will add additional value to San Nicolaas.
San Nicolaas is known down through history as the epicenter of our culture. Here is where much of our history began. The government is intent on making San Nicolaas our cultural center. As soon as a visitor enters the main street, he should feel the ambience of what Aruba represents…much culture, Caribbean food and the friendliness of the Aruban.
All of these attractions create jobs for the people of San Nicolaas. The government has already issued 15 permits for tour busses to cover the route to San Nicolaas only.
One thing is certain; it appears that the government is making every effort to make of San Nicolaas what it once was!ben1 ben